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Window Ac Buying Guide

Window AC Selection Guide

Window air conditioners often referred to as monoblock air conditioners, are less complicated than split air conditioners and don’t take up as much installation area. A window air conditioner is significantly simpler and less expensive to install and easy to remove as all the parts are contained in a single unit.window AC is recommended if you live in a rented apartment and travel around a lot. But they lack the sleek appearance of split air conditioners and are not aesthetically pleasing. These AC units are also somewhat noisy and block the room’s window opening. Also, for particularly large spaces, they might not be the best option.

Capacity and Cooling Area

Window AC capacity is typically measured in tons, which represents the AC’s ability to cool a room. Here’s a general guide for selecting the right capacity based on room size:

0.5 Ton
Suitable for rooms up to 100 sq. ft.
1.5 Ton
Suitable for rooms between 150-180 sq. ft.
0.75 Ton
Suitable for rooms between 100-120 sq. ft.
2 Ton
Suitable for rooms between 180-250 sq. ft.
1 Ton
Suitable for rooms between 120-150 sq. ft.

Calculating the power consumption of your Window AC

Understanding the power consumption of a window AC helps in estimating your electricity costs. Below is the average power consumption for different capacities and star ratings.

Star Rating
0.5 Ton
0.75 Ton
1 Ton
1.5 Ton
2 Ton
1 Star 670W 1005W 1355W 2032W 2710W
2 Star 640W 960W 1279W 1918W 2557W
3 Star 587W 880W 1174W 1761W 2348W
4 Star 550W 825W 1100W 1650W 2200W
5 Star 532W 798W 1065W 1599W 2131W

kW Rating of the AC

Average number of AC running hours per day

Cost of electricity per unit

Units per month = (kW of AC) * (Daily running hours) * (Number of Days in Month)


About Star Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) star rating indicates the energy efficiency of an AC. The higher the star rating, the more energy-efficient the AC.

5-Star Rating

Best energy efficiency, higher initial cost, but lower running cost.

3-Star Rating

Moderate energy efficiency, balanced initial and running cost.

1-Star Rating

Lowest energy efficiency, cheaper upfront, but higher running cost.

Top Brands Window AC In India

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Types of Compressors

Reciprocating Compressor

Common in many window AC’s, suitable for moderate cooling needs, can be noisy.

Rotary Compressor

More efficient and quieter than reciprocating compressors, better for higher cooling capacities.

Inverter Compressor

Offers variable speed, adjusts cooling capacity based on room temperature, highly energy-efficient, quieter, and provides consistent cooling.

Outline Pipe (Refrigerant Lines)

Window AC's have internal refrigerant lines that connect the evaporator (inside the room) to the condenser (outside).
Ensure the refrigerant lines are well-insulated to maintain efficiency and prevent leaks.
Check the quality of materials used in these lines, as they impact the longevity and performance of the AC.

Additional Features

Ideal for humid climates, removes excess moisture from the air.
Auto Restart
Automatically restarts the AC with the previous settings after a power outage.
Air Filters
Look for models with washable and replaceable filters, such as anti-bacterial or HEPA filters.
Remote Control
Convenient for adjusting settings from a distance.
Smart Features
Some modern window AC's come with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing control via smartphones or smart home systems.
Noise Level
Check the decibel (dB) rating to ensure the AC operates quietly, especially important for bedrooms and study areas.
Look for a comprehensive warranty that covers the compressor and other major components. Extended warranty options can provide additional peace of mind.

Installation and Maintenance

Ensure proper installation for optimal performance. Improper installation can lead to inefficiency and increased energy consumption.
Regular maintenance, including cleaning the filters and checking the refrigerant levels, is crucial for the longevity and performance of the AC.

Why should choose? and Avoid a Window AC


Lower Initial Cost: Window ACs generally have a lower purchase price compared to split ACs, making them an economical choice for many households.
Affordable Installation: Installation costs for window ACs are typically lower since they are self-contained units that do not require extensive labor or additional components.
Easy Access: Maintenance and repairs are often easier and cheaper because all components are accessible within the single unit.
Simpler Cleaning: Filters and other parts can be cleaned or replaced more conveniently.
Ease of Installation
Simple Setup: Window ACs are relatively easy to install. They fit into a window frame or a designated wall opening without the need for major modifications.
DIY Installation: Many homeowners can install a window AC themselves, saving on professional installation fees.
Easier to Relocate: Unlike split AC's, window AC's can be easily removed and reinstalled in another window or location. This is particularly beneficial for renters or those who move frequently.
Seasonal Storage: Window AC's can be taken out and stored during cooler months, freeing up window space.


Aesthetic Impact
Unsightly Installation: Window AC's can obstruct window views and natural light. They often protrude from the exterior wall, which can be visually unappealing.
Window Usage: Installing a window AC means losing the use of that window for ventilation or other purposes.
Limited Cooling Capacity
Smaller Coverage Area
Window AC's are typically less powerful than split AC's and may struggle to cool larger rooms or open-plan living areas effectively.
Noise Level
Higher Noise
Window AC's tend to be noisier than split AC's because the compressor and fan are located in the same unit that is inside the room. This can be disruptive, especially in bedrooms or quiet spaces.
Heat and Air Leakage
Inefficient Sealing
Poor installation can lead to gaps around the AC unit, causing hot air to enter and cool air to escape, reducing the overall efficiency.

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When buying a window AC, consider your room size, budget, and specific cooling needs. Assess the energy efficiency, power consumption, and additional features to find the best model for your home. With the right choice, a window AC can provide efficient and effective cooling, enhancing comfort during the hot months.