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Symphony Air Cooler

Stay Cool with Symphony Air Cooler

Looking for the perfect Symphony air cooler? Look no further than Rathna Cools! As a leading retailer of cooling appliances, Rathna Cools offers a wide range of Symphony air coolers to keep you comfortable during scorching summers. Let’s delve into some of the key Symphony air cooler models and their prices available at Rathna Cools:

Symphony Evaporative Air Cooler

Experience efficient cooling with Symphony’s evaporative air coolers. Prices start at Rs. 6,999 for models like the Symphony Ice Cube 27 and go up to Rs. 15,999 for premium models like the Symphony Cloud Personal Cooler.

Symphony Tower Fan

Beat the heat in style with Symphony’s tower fans, offering sleek designs and powerful performance. Prices range from Rs. 3,999 for basic models to Rs. 8,999 for feature-rich variants.

Symphony Desert Cooler

For large spaces, Symphony’s desert coolers are the ideal choice. Rathna Cools offers a variety of models, with prices starting from Rs. 9,999 and going up to Rs. 18,999.

Symphony Sumo Junior

Compact yet powerful, the Symphony Sumo Junior is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. Prices for this model start at Rs. 5,499, making it an affordable cooling solution.

Symphony Cooler Accessories: Enhance your cooling experience with accessories like remote controls and cooling pads, available at Rathna Cools at competitive prices.


Experience Cool Comfort Today!
Visit Rathna Cools today to explore the complete range of Symphony air coolers and find the perfect model to beat the heat without breaking the bank. With transparent pricing and expert assistance, Rathna Cools ensures a hassle-free shopping experience for all your cooling needs.

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