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Sowbaghya Fan

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Rathna Cools offers a wide selection of Sowbaghya fans, catering to diverse cooling needs with innovative designs and reliable performance. Here’s a detailed look at the various Sowbaghya fan models available:

Sowbaghya Rechargeable Fan

Sowbaghya Rechargeable Fan 16 Inch this fan provides excellent air circulation with the convenience of rechargeable batteries, making it ideal for areas with frequent power cuts. It offers portability and reliable performance. Sowbaghya 14 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan Compact and efficient, this fan is perfect for personal use, ensuring continuous airflow even during power outages.

Sowbaghya Tower Fan

Sowbaghya Vink Tower Fan Priced at approximately ₹2,900, this 165 W tower fan is perfect for both home and kitchen use, combining modern design with powerful airflow. Sowbaghya Tower Fan Price List Rathna Cools offers competitive pricing on all Sowbaghya tower fans, ensuring great value for money.

Sowbaghya Table Fan

Sowbaghya Table Fan are Known for their compact design and efficient cooling, these fans are perfect for desktops or small spaces. Sowbaghya Rechargeable Table Fan 16 Inch Offers a blend of portability and power, suitable for continuous use during power cuts. Sowbaghya Rechargeable Table Fan Price Available at competitive prices, these fans are a cost-effective cooling solution.

Sowbaghya Battery Fan

Sowbaghya Battery Fan these fans are designed for reliability during power outages, ensuring continuous cooling. Sowbaghya Battery Fan Price of the varies depending on the model and features, with Rathna Cools offering a range of options to fit different budgets.

sowbaghya TOWER Fans

sowbaghya TABLE Fans

Why Choose Rathna Cools?

Innovative Designs

Remi is known for introducing high-speed fans with up to 1750 RPM, ensuring powerful cooling.

Energy Efficiency

Models like the Remi BLDC fan and 12V DC fan are designed to reduce energy consumption.


With options ranging from table fans to cabin fans, Remi caters to diverse cooling needs.


Built to last, Remi fans are constructed with high-quality materials ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

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Rathna Cools is your go-to store for a wide range of Sowbaghya fans. Established in 1957, Rathna Cools has built a reputation for offering quality electrical goods and exceptional customer service. Visit their store in Chennai at 36, Rajabather Street, T.Nagar, or explore their products online.

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