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Faber Dishwasher

Exploring Faber Dishwasher

Discover hassle-free dishwashing with Faber Dishwashers. From compact countertop models to spacious built-in designs, Faber offers diverse solutions for every kitchen. Let’s delve into their features, models, and prices to find your perfect fit.

Faber Dishwasher Features:

Efficient Cleaning

Faber Dishwashers ensure thorough cleaning of your dishes, removing grease and stains with ease.

Quiet Operation

Enjoy peace and quiet in your home with Faber Dishwashers’ whisper-quiet performance.

Energy and Water Efficiency

Designed to conserve energy and water, Faber Dishwashers are eco-friendly choices for your kitchen.

Space-saving Design

Whether you need a built-in or countertop model, Faber Dishwashers are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen layout.

Faber Dishwasher Models and Prices:

Faber Countertop Dishwashers

FFSID 8PR 14S: Compact and efficient, this countertop model is perfect for small kitchens.

FFSD 6PR 12S NEO: Sleek and modern, this countertop dishwasher offers advanced features for optimal cleaning.

Faber Built-in Dishwashers

FBID 8PR 14S: With a built-in design, this model seamlessly integrates into your kitchen cabinets.

Additional Accessories

Dishwasher Detergent Kit: Ensure sparkling clean dishes with Faber’s specially formulated detergent kit. Price

Dishwasher Detergent: Choose from a range of Faber dishwasher detergents for superior cleaning performance

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Quality Assurance

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Competitive Pricing

Enjoy competitive prices on all our dishwashers, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Convenient Shopping

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