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Air Coolers Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Air Cooler?

for Your Home

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Air Coolers

The rising temperatures are tempting you to buy an air conditioner, and why not? They are portable for moving from one room to another and can provide a cooling ambience in the space of the installation. But let’s get real: if you don’t know how to choose an air cooler, you will not be able to make the right decision. Don’t worry! We have curated this article especially for you to pick the right air cooler for your home.

Cooling pad thickness and quantity

An air cooler’s cooling capacity depends on its cooling pads. Thicker pads made of aspen or cellulose absorb water and cool the air. Cellulose pads, though more expensive, last longer and require less maintenance than aspen pads.

Variable Speeds and Air Modes

Air coolers with variable speeds allow you to adjust the fan’s speed to suit your needs. Some models even offer multiple air modes like normal, sleeping, and natural modes, enhancing their versatility and usability.

Power Consumption

Opting for an energy-efficient air cooler not only reduces environmental impact but also saves you money on monthly electricity bills, making it a smart investment in the long run.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank capacity determines how long the air cooler can run. Larger tanks enable longer operational hours, so consider your usage needs before making a purchase.

Fan Types

Air coolers come with either axial or centrifugal fans. While centrifugal fans are quieter and more efficient, axial fans are more affordable and consume less energy, albeit at the cost of increased noise levels.

Garden Hose Connector

A garden hose connector allows for continuous water supply to the cooler, eliminating the need for manual refills and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Remote Control

Opt for an air cooler with remote control functionality for convenient access to settings, allowing you to adjust fan speeds without leaving your seat.


Choose air coolers equipped with heavy-duty castors for easy mobility, ensuring durability and stability, especially if you plan on moving the cooler frequently.

Find Your Type and the Right Model

In your quest to find the answer to your question, “How to select an air cooler for home?”- you must learn more about the types of air coolers and then pick the one that best fits your requirements. The following table will help you understand the features of different types of air coolers for your better understanding.

Personal Coolers
Tower Coolers
Window Coolers
Desert Coolers
Tank Capacity 10 to 30 Litres 25-50 Litres 40-60 Litres Up to 90 Litres
Ideal for Office cabins, small rooms, etc. Medium-sized rooms Medium-sized rooms Larger spaces like backyards and halls
Maintenance High Less Moderate Very Low
Portability Highly Portable Easy to move Not portable Heavy but portable
Personal Coolers
Personal coolers, also known as mini coolers, are the most commonly found air coolers for homes. These lightweight, portable coolers are designed for a personalized cooling experience in smaller spaces.
Tower Coolers
These coolers are among the finest cooling systems because they are specifically designed to provide superior air delivery. These are large appliances that, due to their stylish and slim designs, can fit into very small spaces.
Desert Coolers
Desert air coolers are ideal for regions with dry climates due to their large tank capacity, large blower or fan, and powerful motor. With their superior air throw and delivery, these coolers are quite capable of cooling down larger rooms. These coolers are heavy, but they are portable enough to move from one room to another.
Window Coolers
These air coolers are specifically designed for installation in windows and take up very little floor space. These air coolers are not portable, but they use less energy and provide more efficient cooling, which makes them a deal breaker.

Top Brands Air Cooler In India

Choose high-quality air coolers known for performance and reliability. Look for models with high energy efficiency ratings and sufficient cooling capacity for your room size. Advanced features like remote control and smart connectivity enhance convenience. Opt for brands with good customer support and quieter models for bedrooms or studies. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in home comfort solutions! We at Rathna Fan House Specialized in selling top brand Air Cooler’s

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Usha Air Coolers
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V Guard Air Coolers
V Guard Air Coolers

Size & Capacity

While looking for the best suitable air cooler for your home, you must remember to measure the room’s size. Generally speaking, a personal cooler is recommended for small rooms, whereas tower coolers and desert coolers work well in medium- to large-sized rooms. The following table will help you identify the appropriate model based on your room size

Room Size (sq. ft.)
CFM Required
Recommended Capacity (litres)
0-150 0-600 Less than 15 Litres
150-300 600-1200 11-30 Litres
300-450 1200-1800 31-50 Litres
450-600 1800-2400 41-60 Litres
600-750 2400-3000 More than 60 Litres

Features & Specifications

When trying to find the answer to your question, “How to buy an air cooler?” you must remember to first look for certain features and specifications. These are listed below.


Opt for coolers with high-angled fan blades for longer air throw, ensuring effective cooling over a greater area.


Ideal for medium-sized rooms or areas ranging from approximately 150 to 220 square feet.


Recommended for larger rooms or areas between approximately 220 to 300 square feet.


Choose coolers with high-quality cooling pads (aspen or honeycomb) for prolonged cooling efficiency.


Look for coolers with anti-mosquito breeding features to prevent mosquito infestations.


Select models with ice chambers for quick and intensified cooling by rapidly chilling the water with ice cubes.


Opt for inverter-compatible coolers for uninterrupted cooling during power failures.


Look for coolers with anti-mosquito breeding features to prevent mosquito infestations.


Explore coolers available in various shapes, sizes, and designs to complement your home decor seamlessly.


Select coolers with appropriate tank capacities for your room size, ensuring extended cooling periods. Models with auto-fill functions offer convenience by automatically refilling the tank as needed, allowing for uninterrupted operation.

CFM of Airflow = Room size (sq. ft.) * ceiling height / 2

Why should choose? and Avoid a Air Cooler


Cost-effective cooling solution.
Environmentally friendly with lower energy consumption.
Effective in dry climates.
Portable and easy to move.
Simple maintenance requirements.
Provides natural cooling with fresh air.


Limited cooling efficiency, especially in humid climates.
Dependence on dry ambient air for effective cooling.
High maintenance in humid environments.
Limited cooling range for larger spaces.
Potential noise issues.
Requires adequate space and may affect room aesthetics.

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In summary, choosing the right air cooler involves considering factors like cooling pad thickness, variable speeds, power consumption, water tank capacity, and fan types. Understanding different types of coolers helps in selecting the best fit for your room size and climate. Assessing size, capacity, and features ensures optimal cooling efficiency and long-term savings.