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36, Rajabather Street, T.Nagar Chennai 600 017

Blue Star Split Air Conditioner

Blue Star Split AC: Finding the Right Fit for Your Needs


Situated in Chennai, India, their location aligns with Blue Star’s strong presence in the Indian market.

Cooling Specialists

Rathna Cools positions itself as an air conditioning and cooling solutions retailer, making Blue Star, a trusted brand known for split AC units, a good fit for their inventory.

Benefits of Blue Star Split AC’s

Long-lasting Performance

Blue Star AC’s are known for their durability.

Energy Savings

They offer a range of inverter AC’s, which are more energy-efficient.

Quieter Operation

Split AC’s are inherently quieter than window AC’s due to the separate outdoor unit.

Feature Variety

Blue Star AC’s come with various features depending on the model, such as turbo cooling, sleep mode, and anti-bacterial filters.

blue star split ac’s

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