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Remi Fans

Wide Range of Remi Fan

Rathna Cools, a leading retailer in Chennai, offers an extensive selection of Remi fans known for their high performance and reliability. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the Remi fans available:

Remi Pedestal Fan

Remi 18 Inch Pedestal Fan are Known for its powerful airflow and robust build, making it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Remi 18 Inch Pedestal Fan Price of Competitive pricing ensures value for money, offering a balance between cost and performance. Remi 16 Inch Pedestal Fan Slightly smaller but equally effective, this fan is perfect for medium-sized rooms.

Remi Table Fan

Remi Table Fan Compact and versatile, these fans provide efficient cooling for personal use. They are ideal for desks, study areas, and small rooms.Remi Table Fan Price of Affordable pricing makes these fans accessible for everyday use.

Remi Wall Mount Fan

Remi 12 Inch Wall Fan a space-saving solution providing strong airflow, suitable for both homes and offices. Remi 16 Inch Wall Fan is Larger and more powerful, ideal for larger spaces requiring effective cooling. Remi 18 Inch Wall Fan Price Offers powerful performance with adjustable settings, providing excellent value.

Remi Cabin Fan

Remi Cabin Fan 300mm Specifically designed for cabins and small rooms, ensuring optimal air circulation in compact spaces.Remi 225mm Multipurpose Fan Versatile and efficient, suitable for various applications within small to medium-sized areas. Remi 12V DC Fan Ideal for use in areas with unstable power supply or for use with solar power systems. These fans are energy-efficient and reliable. Remi BLDC Fan Featuring brushless DC motor technology, these fans offer high efficiency and lower power consumption.

Competitive Pricing at Rathna Cools

Rathna Cools offers competitive prices across the entire range of Remi fans. Whether you are looking for an 18-inch pedestal fan or a specialized 12V DC fan, you can find affordable options that do not compromise on quality and performance.


Remi WALL Fans

Remi TABLE Fans

Why Choose Rathna Cools?

Innovative Designs

Remi is known for introducing high-speed fans with up to 1750 RPM, ensuring powerful cooling.

Energy Efficiency

Models like the Remi BLDC fan and 12V DC fan are designed to reduce energy consumption.


With options ranging from table fans to cabin fans, Remi caters to diverse cooling needs.


Built to last, Remi fans are constructed with high-quality materials ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Visit Rathna Cools

For more information and to explore the range of Remi fans, visit Rathna Cools in Chennai. Their extensive selection and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect fan to suit your needs. Whether it’s a pedestal fan for your living room or a wall fan for your office, Rathna Cools has the right Remi fan for you.


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