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Exhaust Fans

Your Prime Destination for Exhaust Fan and Ventilation Solutions!”

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom exhaust fan, kitchen exhaust fan, or industrial exhaust fan, we have you covered with high-quality products at competitive prices.Our selection includes various types of exhaust fans, including bathroom window exhaust fans, roof exhaust fans, and ceiling exhaust fans, designed to provide efficient ventilation in any space. From small exhaust fans for residential use to larger models for commercial and industrial applications, we have options to suit every requirement. Explore our range of exhaust fans, including portable and shutter models, to find the perfect solution for your ventilation needs. With our comprehensive selection and affordable prices, Rathna Cools is your go-to destination for all things ventilation.


Experience optimal ventilation with Rathnacools’ top exhaust fan brands. Explore superior performance, durability, and energy efficiency from the best brands for a fresher living space.

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We offer a wide range of exhaust fans to keep your space well-ventilated and comfortable. Whether you need a powerful exhaust fan for your kitchen or a quiet one for your bathroom, we have options that suit your needs. Plus, our competitive pricing ensures that you get the best value for your money. Choose Rathna Cools for quality, reliability, and superior customer service.
We offer finest brands in our store